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The following links represents some of the names that are listed in the cemeteries of Stanislaus County, California. This index does not contain all surnames that are buried in Stanislaus -- just the names that I have collected from a number of sources. 

The index lists contain 101,794 surnames formatted by the last name, first name, birthdate, death date, and the name of the cemetery where the surname is found. If the death date has the abbreviation (bd), this indicates the burial date from the cemetery records as no death date was listed.

I have many more details, i.e. plot location, inscription, notes from burial cards and records, etc., but space constraints prevent me from posting everything on the web. If you locate a loved one and wish more information, please contact me and I will attempt to locate and forward any further information I have.

The index contains records from:

Acacia Memorial Park - Modesto
Ceres Memorial Park - Ceres
Denair Cemetery - Denair
Eugene Cemetery - Eugene
French Pioneer Cemetery - La Grange
Grayson Cemetery - Grayson
Hills Ferry Cemetery - Newman
La Grange Pioneer Catholic Cemetery - La Grange
Lakewood Cemetery - Hughson
Langworth Cemetery - Oakdale
Maxwell Cemetery - Warnerville
Modesto Citizens Cemetery - Modesto
Modesto Pioneer Cemetery - Modesto
Oak Grove Cemetery - Knights Ferry
Oakdale Citizens Cemetery - Oakdale
Oaklawn Memorial Park - Oakdale
Patterson Cemetery District - Patterson
Roberts Ferry Cemetery - MOdesto
St Stanislaus Catholic Cemetery - Modesto
Turlock Memorial Park - Turlock
Valley Home Memorial Park - Valley Home
Wood Colony Cemetery - Salida

The following Indexes have been updated as of December 26, 2009.

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