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Sep 15, 2011
Well, it's been a while since we started this site and we will be updating it over the next few days. We have had a lot of fun with it and our family history has yeilded cousins we didn't know about, so our main focus will in that area plus some other fun stuff. Again we welcome you to our web page and we hope you enjoy what we have and what we post in the future.

Thanks for visiting!

About Us

After 29 years behind the badge Ed retired and enjoys 'living the dream', traveling the world with his beautiful bride of 30 years, interacting with the two best grandchildren in the world, and embracing and enjoying every single day.

Born and raised in Alberta, Canada Gail is first generation Irish. Gail has worked for the police department for 34 years and is currently assigned as the Operations Division secretary. She loves the ocean and traveling the world with Ed.

Our daughter lives in San Andreas and is a Registered Dental Technician. She works at a clinic for Native Americans and we are so proud of the life she has made for her family.

Ethan and Emily
These are the BEST grandchildren in the world!!! Ethan is in his first year of college, runs marathons and loves playing guitar and listening to vintage music. Emily rides horses, plays the clarinet and loves peace signs. Our world revolves around them.


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